Design Services

The Don Gore Design Studio provides Building Design Services based on the needs and tastes of our Clients. From a modest addition or renovation of your present home to a completely new custom residence, we are totally committed to providing state-of-the-art design services to make your dreams a reality. We also offer light commercial design services for various projects as defined under the state licensing laws.

The following is a brief outline of our services:

Initial Conference with Client

()   Set-up meeting with Client usually in our office.
()   Discuss the scope of the Project.
()   Discuss range of our services and quote fees.
()   Sign an Agreement for Building Design Services.
()   Collect the Design Fee retainer.

Design Consultation with Client (may be included in initial conference)

()   Discuss Clients requirements for design and establish a rough square footage for the Project.
()   Interview Client discussing their ideas, lifestyle and tastes.
()   Review Client provided sketches and photographs of similar Projects.
()   A site visit, many times, can be very helpful during this “fact finding” stage as well.

     Generally we get to know you, the Client, so that we may better serve your needs in this very important stage of design development.

Preliminary Design

()   At this stage of the process we study the information provided to us previously, conduct research and then organize our design.
()   We will prepare scaled preliminary sketches of the Floor Plan(s) and  Front Elevation of the Project.

Preliminary Design Review

()   This meeting is generally held in our office as well. We make our initial design presentation at this time, outlining and explaining our solution to the design.
()   If we have successfully fulfilled the Clients Design requirements at this review, we will collect more information from the Client such as material selections and technical requirements.
()   At the end of this meeting the Client is required to “”sign-off” on the Preliminary Design Drawings indicating their acceptance of the design and authorizing the Don Gore Design Studio to proceed with the Construction Documents.

Construction Documents

()   At this stage of our agreement we advance to what is commonly referred to as the “Blueprints”.
()   Otherwise known as Working Drawings or Construction Documents these  drawings will be used to bid the project, obtain building permits and construct your new home, renovation or commercial building project.
()   We provide detailed drawings including Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), Foundation Plan, Exterior Elevations, Details, Sections, Mechanical and Electrical Plans.

Construction Document Review

()   At a point in the development of these drawings we will schedule a meeting with the Client, usually in our office, to review our progress.
()   Discuss specific finishes.
()   Identify specific interior materials.
()   Specify cabinets, countertops and moldings.
()   Select appliances, lighting types and plumbing fixtures.
()   Discuss and specify such things as insulating systems and HVAC equipment.

Final Construction Document Review

()   This meeting is generally held in our office as well. We make our final Construction Document presentation at this time.

Final Construction Documents

()   You will receive final sets of Plans for bidding the Project, obtain permits  and construct your Project.
()   A professional set of Construction Documents implementing all your specific requirements and tastes will enable you to move forward with confidence to the next phase of the Project. Your dreams are well on their way to reality.

Additional Services

()   Select qualified builders and place Project out for bids
()   Receive bids and select a successful bidder.
()   Assist in providing a Contract for Construction.
()   Review Construction and assist with approval of Contractor’s draws.
()   Perform a Final Inspection and provide a “Punch List” of items to be completed in order to obtain a Certificate of Final Acceptance.